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Sveavägen 17, 14th floor
111 57 Stockholm
General information: 

Automile connects drivers and fleet managers to their vehicle data. Using a smart, mobile-based OBD-II device, we turn any vehicle manufactured after 1996 into a smart car with our solution, which is now available in 54 countries. 

Automile offers real-time location tracking, automated mileage logs and reports, geofencing, remote vehicle diagnostics and much more. Simplify fleet management for your business and maximize potential tax deductions and reimbursements. 

We offer different plans to suit the needs of individuals, small-to-medium size businesses, and enterprises. To learn more, please visit our website or contact us at [email protected].

Company information: 
Company type: 
IT - Mobile, IT - Service
Products and Services: 
Automile PRO
Product category: 
Mobile Application

Legacy fleet management solutions require cumbersome professional installations, they have poor user-experience and they come with complex and high price point. It was time to change it so we built Automile PRO, fleet management solution for the 21st century.

• Automated vehicle trip reporting
So that business drivers don't need to spend time doing it for their legal and tax compliancy.

• Operation and risk management
Keep track of your fleet movements, its fuel consumption, maintenance and driver performance metrics.

• Plug into your vehicle in 15 seconds
Fits all vehicles since 1996 with no tools or cables required and can be moved between vehicles.

• World smallest and most accurate always-on connected car device
• Fully compliant with original vehicle manufacturer warranty and vehicle insurance policies
• Free cellular/mobile data usage and free roaming coverage across all major cellular networks in US, all Americas, Europe and 54 countries in total.
• Can be moved between vehicles without loosing or mixing up data.


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Address information

Sveavägen 17, 14th floor
111 57 Stockholm
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