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craft ai

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General information: 

craft ai provides AI-as-a-service to developers. craft ai believes apps should be smart enough to feel like a personal assistant: always aware of your context, learning from what you do and adapting to you.

craft ai unique white-box approach features a visual editor and hosted
APIs making it easy to design complex automation while remaining in
control. craft ai enables every developer to integrate within their apps always-on agents that continuously remember, learn and adapt.

Company information: 
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IT - Software Development
Types of jobs in the company: 
IT - Software Dev
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TALIS is a group of industrial equity that invests in diversified sectors and gets involved in the businesses’ management to accelerate their development. The TALIS Group was formed by acquisitions and internal development business lines in very diverse sectors: finance/real estate, equipment and services, technologies. In most cases, TALIS acquires majority stakes.


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