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3700 East Frontage Rd Rolling Meadows, Illinois
Chicago, IL 60008
United States
General information: 

DWG is a diversified business group investing in international technology, construction and manufacturing sector building startup ecosystem, BPO/BPaaS solutions,VC funds and science parks in Ukraine. We select and grow most promising ukrainian and international projects providing strategic development programs: seed and VC financing, educational, legal, staffing and marketing services. 

DWG currently incorporates the following facilities: 

DWG Investment Fund - privately-owned and managed investment funds in Ukraine as well as to sponsor in other countries entering an unproven market. 

DWG Research & Development Center - offshore/nearshore dedicated software and product development 

DWG Business X-celerator- business acceleration facility for technology startups expanding global markets 

DWG HR Assessment & Call Center- HR,staffing and recruiting,customer support and call center services 

DWG Hardware Laboratories - fully-equipped workspace labs for hardware inventors and global manufacturing innovators with access to national plants and world's best qualified scientific technology staff and production sites in Ukraine 

DWG Design & Architecture - international design and construction management devision 

DWG Advertisement & Digital Marketing - traditional advertising and digital marketing agency creating channels to promote and market products and services for customers and their businesses 

DWG (DeltaWeb) Consulting - international business and project management consultancy 

Please follow our social media and business accounts for more valuable info, business and project investment opportunities in Ukraine and around the Globe: 


Company information: 
Company type: 
Advertising / PR / Marketing, Architectural / Design, Biotechnology / Chemicals, Coworking / Office Renting, E-commerce, Education, Energy and Utilities, Financial Services, IT - Gaming, IT - Mobile, IT - Robotics, IT - SaaS, IT - Service, IT - Social Networking, IT - Software Development, IT - Telecommunication, Management Consulting, Manufacturing, Printing and Publishing, Real Estate, Retail, Staffing / Employment Agencies, Startup Services
Types of jobs in the company: 
Accounting, Business Development, Community Manager, Customer Support, Design / UX, Education / Training, Finance, Human Resources, IT - Backend, IT - Data, IT - Frontend, IT - Gaming, IT - Infrastructure, IT - Mobile, IT - Software Dev, IT - Web, Legal, Management / Leadership, Manufacturing / Logistic, Marketing, Product Management, Project Management, Public Relations, Research & Development, Sales, Translation, Other Occupations
Total numbers of employees: 
10 000
Products and Services: 
DWG Software Development Center
Product category: 
B2B & B2C solutions

DWG dedicated development centers consist of an offshore / nearshore assembled pool of software professionals who form a virtual extension of the client’s team.  We offer the best for both parties solution - the benefits of one’s own teams without difficulties of managing  their day to day business operations,hr management, staffing trainings,mentoring as well as solving other related business issues. On the side, this type of cooperation enables our customers to scale up their teams, in terms of a certain quantity of specialists, as well as their professional  expertise and skill set required to complete projects with different level of complexity. 

DWG Virtual Office
Product category: 
B2B & B2C solutions

DWG provides both offsite&onsite call center and customer support services for startups to profitable business owners.  An offsite call center service is typically based in a separate location from the business they are answering phone calls for. An onsite call center service is naturally in the same building as the business they are answering calls for. Both call center service types are popular. The type of call center service will all depend on the business in question and their needs. If you only need a few individuals answering your business calls then it is likely you will have an onsite call center service. Offsite call center services are usually used when a large number of call center service representatives are needed.

DWG HR & Recruitment Assistant
Product category: 
B2B & B2C solutions

DWG recruiting experts have greater access to candidate pools and the capability to manage quick, cost-effective, focused searches and hires, tapping into their considerable buying power with online job boards. They are now also heavily focused on the power of social media; LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter which is playing a huge part in candidate attraction and doing that very successfully. Most of companies are turning to an RPO because it makes the recruiting process less expensive, more effective and more efficient. Basically, RPO model may involve  a company entire recruitment process or just some of the typical elements; sourcing candidates, managing applications or databases, screening and interviewing candidates, collecting references and/or conducting background checks etc.  In fact, recruitment outsourcing helps both the organizations and the consultancies to grow and perform better.

DWG Business Accelerator
Product category: 
B2B marketplace

DWG provides complex strategic development programs to accelerate successful and profitable business deployment with subsequent phase of transferring management, software development, customer service and product distribution operations to the customer. We create unique environment led by most successful and experienced business consultants, investors and special guest mentors where you will be able to gain new valuable experience, find new sources for finance and represent brand new ideas and strategy for your business to reveal its full potential.

DWG Hardware Invention Laboratory
Product category: 

DWG provides fully-equipped workspace labs for hardware inventors and global manufacturing innovators with access to national plants and world's best qualified scientific technology staff and production sites in Ukraine, we consider teams with hardware and manufacture prototypes and turn them into sustainable international production companies.


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3700 East Frontage Rd Rolling Meadows, Illinois
Chicago, IL 60008
United States
Rewards and benefits: 
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Advanced Education and Training
Air conditioning
Cell phone / Laptop
Company Canteen
Company vehicle
Flexible dress code
Flexible work hours
Free food
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Free parking
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