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European Startup Initiative
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Where is Europe's Next Silicon Valley?

Mapping the perceived quality of startup hubs in Europe, the shows where startup founders in Europe are from and which places they consider best to startup

Hot debate is wrapped around the question where Europe’s hottest startup hub is evolving. Cities like London, Berlin or Stockholm are parading their merits to be viewed as the most innovative spot for startups on the continent.

Indeed, perception is decisive in this competition as it subconsciously influences the choice of location for both startups and investors. The narrative of the Silicon Valley as the land of opportunity is in a way the prerequisite of its unprecedented triumph. We are therefore mapping the perception of startup hubs in Europe – and how far their reputation travels.

This allows us both, to compare the more established startup hubs like London and Berlin in their actual reach as well as up-and-coming startup places, which rally to increase their footprint on the map of Startup Europe.

Our project aims to visualize the positive effects of competition among startup hubs in Europe. By mapping the attractiveness of startup hubs in Europe, we uncover realities of Startup Europe far aside from political window dressing. We believe this will help to guide decision makers as well as members of the community to take action to make Europe an even better place to start a company.


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