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FACE Entrepreneurship
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Gran Vía de Colón 12, 3ºB
18010 Granada Granada
General information: 

“Boosting ICT entrepreneurship in Europe by fighting against fear of failure in a gamified process, in order to impact a big audience of prospective entrepreuneurs”. 

FACE (Failure Aversion Change in Europe) Entrepreneurship is a twenty month integrated Communications campaign financed under the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. 

The project is addressed to prospective ICT European young entrepreneurs, with the aim to help them to overcome and to confront the “path to follow” FACING the psychological and cultural barriers related to the fear of failure found along the decision process to be an entrepreneur. FACE Entrepreneurship will promote the skills of ICT entrepreneurs so that they materialize ideas in projects while fostering the relationships between the different participants in the project and will reach out not only to individuals, but also to companies and industry sectors, clusters, universities and public entities. 

FACE Entrepreneurship will convey a common message in Europe, a motto that will help all current and future ICT entrepreneurs to understand that the lack of a risk-taking entrepreneurial culture is part of the reason why lots of great ideas have not been developed in Europe, accepting that failure is part of the learning curve. 

The “path to follow” is shown on a digital multiplatform tool which is enriched with audio-visual content such as expert interviews and a web series. The platform will be based on gamification dynamics in order to motivate and to foster the participation of the participants. 

But it won’t just be a virtual connection. Seven offline events will be organized in seven different EU countries. They will bring together future entrepreneurs from each country in a single space who will have the opportunity to interact with other entrepreneurs and experts in the field who will encourage and work hand in hand with them on demystifying the concept of business failure.

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Startup Services
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Thursday, 1 January, 2015
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FACE Entrepreneurship Events
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Startup services

FACE Entrepreneurship is hosting 7 offline events throughout Europe to address the fears of failure faced by aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs.  These events are free to attend and may also be streamed live online from anywhere around the world.  Virtual participants are also encouraged to participate by connecting on Skype and asking questions directly to our panelists.

FACE Entrepreneurship events are organized by a dynamic panel discuss featuring leading experts and entrepreneurs in ICT from across Europe who will share their personal experiences and offer advice to attendees by addressing the different fears that European entrepreneurs face when deciding to start up. 

For more information on our following events please see: 

June 16th- FACE Helsinki: Free time? What does that mean. 



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Gran Vía de Colón 12, 3ºB
18010 Granada Granada
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