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i2b - ideas to business
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Siebenbrunnengasse 21
Top A/3
1050 Vienna
General information: 

i2b  is a non-profit association initiated by Erste Bank und Sparkassen together with  Austrian Chamber of Commerce.  It was founded in 2000 and it aims to support emerging enterprises with the creation of their business concepts.

What does i2b do?

i2b provides startups with an online tool to write their business plan as well as two free professional feedbacks to the business plans submitted at www.i2b.at. At the same time we publish an annual Business Plan Handbook with the volume of 25000 pieces to provide the startups with relevant advice and information. The Handbooks can be received at each of the Founder Centers (GründerCenter) established as a part of Founder Initiative of Erste Bank and Sparkasse all over Austria.

Moreover i2b organises the biggest Austrian Annual Business Plan Competition with prizes with a total value of over 160.000 Euro. 

Since 2014 you can find a lot of useful tools on our My i2b web-portal. Furthermore these tools will help you to put together a great business plan. 

Company information: 
Company type: 
Consulting Service
Startup Services
Founded when: 
Saturday, 1 January, 2000
Products and Services: 
Building your Business Plan from scratch
Product category: 
business planning

i2b offers unique and innovative Online-Tools to help you building your business plan from scratch. Our Online-Assistant tool guides you through all the necessary chapters, asking you step-by-step questions. By filling in the answers you develop your idea into a full-fledged business plan which you are welcome to download at any point as MS Word-Document or PDF. Should you happen to struggle with answering a certain question, i2b now offers a direct link to our newly developed eLearning-tool. This service offers all the knowledge you need to develop a business plan and is accompanied by video tutorials and expert-interviews. The experience is almost like a workshop but anytime and anywhere you need it. 

Learn more about our Online-Tools.

Feedback to your Business Plan
Product category: 
Consulting services

In order to get a feedback from our great experts you should go through the following steps: 1. Create a user profile here. 2. Write a Business Plan 3. Upload your Business Plan via your user profile. Done! We also have special services for students with great business ideas. More information you can find under this link.

Business Plan Competition
Product category: 

As a registered i2b user you can send us your business plan online. We will send you 2 free-of-charge feedbacks. If you send them before the 6th of October you can participate in our Business Plan Competition. We will chose a winner of the contest by considering our feedbacks as well as a presentation in front of our jury at the day of the event. You can find more information under this link.

How do I write a Business Plan?
You can either upload a Business Plan you wrote on your computer or you can use our Online-Tool. In both cases we recommend to read our free e-book or make us of our eLearning-Tool before starting.
Is your tool available only Online?
Yes, our tool is online-only. However, you can download the eLearning-tool onto a tablet-pc and use it anywhere and anytime you want.
Is your tool also available in other languages?
At the moment we only offer our tools in German. Our experts are happy to give feedback on English plans as well.
Why do I need to register at your page?
With your registration you are entitled to start writing a business plan or use any of our free services. We need your data just so we can contact you, if – for example – you are entitled to participate in the competition finale.
Who will get to see my data?
Only us. i2b is an independent company and we do not forward any data. Should you wish to do so, you can mark an option at your registration to be contacted by the Chamber of commerce or the Erste Bank und Sparkassen group. With this option enabled, we forward your name and email-address to those companies in order for them to contact you with helpful information.
What about the contest?
We offer a chance to participate in Austria’s biggest business plan competition. The overall winner gets € 10.000 in cash, but there are lots of other prizes available.
How do I start?
Go to http://www.i2b.at/account.aspx and register your free profile. After that, you can choose to either write a plan using our Online-tool or upload an existing concept.


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Siebenbrunnengasse 21
Top A/3
1050 Vienna
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