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39-45 Shaftesbury Avenue, SOHO
United Kingdom
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iwoca is transforming business lending throughout Europe by offering fast and flexible access to credit to the millions of small businesses neglected by the banks. Customers apply online, submitting their trading data through integrations with high-street banks, payment processors, ecommerce platforms and sector-specific providers. This feeds into a proprietary risk engine along with data-points from dozens of external sources, allowing iwoca to offer businesses up to £100,000 within minutes. With 7,000 transactions since launch in 2012, iwoca is one of the fastest growing credit providers in Europe.

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Financial Services
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Credit facility
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Financial services

More startup than financial institution, we use technology to eliminate the cost and complexity associated with traditional business finance. That means we can offer instant credit facilities with no upfront fees, no long-term commitments and the flexibility to top up and pay down as required.

At our core is a data-driven risk model which looks at entirely new metrics. Take an eBay business for example - looking at the customer feedback score helps us to predict a company's future health. Analysing tens of thousands of data points like this allows us to make fast, accurate lending decisions.



Learn more about iwoca: Watch our new TV ad and find out why we’re the Alternative Lender of the Year for Commercial Credit

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39-45 Shaftesbury Avenue, SOHO
United Kingdom

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