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More than 70% of all internet users speak neither English nor German. 72% of online consumers are more likely to buy products, if product descriptions are written in their mother tongue. 56% of them consider this to be more important than the price. (Common Sense Advisory, statisitc agency for the translation industry)

Language barriers still prohibit people from using the entire function volume of websites, mobile apps and other software. That's where LingoHub, a cloud-based translation service hub for the digital world made in Austria, enters the stage. True to our slogan "Be Global, Go Local" we aim to break down these language barrieres. LingoHub covers the entire translation process and offers translation tools for websites, webshops, web and mobile apps and other software. Hence, all your translations and project teams are bundled in one place, LingoHub. This reduces average translation time by over 60% and overhead by more than 90%.

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IT - SaaS
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Friday, 24 August, 2012
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LingoHub is a browser-based translation service hub enabling translation of digital products and content to all languages. Through optimized integrations to popular development tools like GitHub and Bitbucket, LingoHub becomes part of any existing development environment. All major framworks (e.g. iOS, Android, CakePHP, AngluarJS, Ruby on Rails etc.) and file formats (e.g. PO, XLIFF, CSV, IDML etc.) are supported. Hence, LingoHub supports all major programming languages.

Our platform helps you to manage your translations and project teams and provides you with all the translation tools needed (e.g. translation memory, machine translation, collaboration tools etc.). Moreover, translations to more than 30 languages can be ordered conveniently at the push of a button. We've teamed up with the world's leading translators to give you access to thousands of professional human translators. Thus, LingoHub carries out the whole translation process.

LingoHub will be soon extenden by a client-side translation solution for web content. Any digital content in HTML files can be translated by entering the URL. LingoHub then automatically imports all texts of the domain into the online editor, ready to be translated. Every website and webshop regardless of the technology, service or system used can be translated with LingoHub.


What makes LingoHub special?
LingoHub is built from developers for developers! It reduces average translation time by over 60% and overhead by more than 80%. You can focus on your main job! Everyone loves the seamless and sustainable integrations for a slick translation process. Cloud Translation accesses you to thousands of professional translators fluent in 30+ languages.
How can I translate my content?
LingoHub offers you several options to translate your digital content the way you want to. Invite your in-house translators to collaborate on LingoHub, order professional translators from our human translators fluent in 30+ languages, or even use integrated machine translation. Of course a combination of these methods is possible as well.
Why is LingoHub good news for translators?
At LingoHub we consider translators as professionals who need to be relieved of all the technical issues. They can concentrate on their passion for language and nuance at which they excel. We share that passion and created tools in a clear and intuitive environment making translators’ lives more enjoyable.
Which technologies are supported?
In a nutshell, all common file types, platforms and technologies are supported: iOS files, Android files, FirefoxOS, Java, PHP, XLIFF, IDML, Ruby/Rails YAML formats, and many more. All in all LingoHub supports more than 20 different frameworks and file formats.
How safe is my data?
The security and privacy of your personal, payment, and project information is very important to us. LingoHub runs in an enterprise grade, SAS70-compliant data center. We employ industry standard ensuring that your data is protected and all plans on LingoHub are SSL-encrypted.


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