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General information: 

Newsletter2Go ist eine innovative webbasierte Email- & SMS-Newsletter-Software, die professionelle Funktionalität mit intuitver und komfortabler Bedienbarkeit vereint. Umfangreiche Möglichkeiten der Personalisierung, Segmentierung und Kampagnensteuerung, die einfache Pflege und Erweiterung der Datenbasis, rechtsichere An- und Abmeldeprozesse, höchste Sicherheitsstandards und der kompetente Support machen Newsletter2Go zu einem effektiven Werkzeug für erfolgreiches Direktmarketing.


SMS-Newsletter & Email-Newsletter, Newsletter-Software, Email-Marketing & SMS-Marketing, Direktmarketing, Dialogmarketing, Personalisierte Newsletter, Personalisierte SMS, SMS Versand & Email Versand

Company information: 
Company type: 
Advertising / PR / Marketing
Products and Services: 
Email Marketing Software
Product category: 
Advertising & marketing

Create Newsletters

With our intuitive Newsletter Editor you can create professional newsletters in your corporate design, and with your content, in just a few minutes. Thanks to our diverse range of newsletter software features, you can choose whether to use and manipulate one of our many pre-made templates, bring your own HTML file with you, or get us to create an entirely customised template from scratch. With the help of our personalisation tools every recipient will receive their own, individual newsletter.

Send Newsletters

Sending newsletters with whitelisted servers that are certified by the Certified Senders Alliance also counts as one of our newsletter software features. This certification allows us to ensure that your newsletter will be delivered securely and reliably to your recipients at your selected time. It is also possible to set up follow-up and lifecycle emails, send a test email to up to 10 recipients, test the Newsletter2Go software for free and without risk and send 1,000 emails free each month.

Manage Recipients

Import your recipient data quickly and easily with one click from an Excel-, Open Office- or CSV file. In your Newsletter2Go address book you can import as many data fields as you like, such as name, gender, or date of birth, and segment your recipients into groups in just a few seconds. This will make it easier to address recipients in a more targeted manner. Choose whether to use and manipulate one of our many pre-made templates, bring your own HTML file with you, or get us to create an entirely customised template from scratch. With our unsubscribe and bounce management we keep your recipient list up to date, allowing you to concentrate on the essentials.

Evaluate Newsletters

One of the most important newsletter software features we offer is our comprehensive tracking facility. This provides you with everything you need to constantly optimise your newsletter. From open rates, to click- and bounce rates, to Geotracking and click maps right up to multivariate clustering, you will find everything that your analytical heart desires. And if you wish to present, share or archive your results, you can export all data as a viewable PDF file.



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