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General information: 

Testbirds is one of Europe’s leading providers of crowdtesting – the testing of software like websites, apps, games, smart objects and wearables using the power of the crowd. The IT service provider was founded in 2011 by Philipp Benkler, Georg Hansbauer and Markus Steinhauser in Munich and now employs more than 60 people in offices located in Munich, Amsterdam, London and Stockholm. In addition to a franchise in Hungary and Russia, Testbirds has several sales partners in Italy, Canada and the US. 

More than 150.000 international testers all over the world and with different backgrounds are registered at the company’s platform to check software on their own devices for usability and functionality. The crowd of Testbirds reflects a cross section of the society: In addition to students, housewives and executives, numerous experts and certified testers are also available. This is how a test group can be put together, which corresponds exactly to the characteristics of the desired target group and fits the testing. All testers must complete an entry test to ensure that the quality requirements of Testbirds are guaranteed. Performance based compensation is assured to the tester. All tests are performed under real life conditions using the users’ own devices. 

Testbirds offers its customers different models of crowdtesting: In addition to the managed crowdtesting, where an experienced project manager oversees the test, develops a custom test design, evaluates the results and offers specific recommendations, companies also have the options of using the self-service testing of Testbirds. This allows companies to have direct access to the crowdtesting platform in order to test their websites and apps. 

A complementary approach for software testing developed by Testbirds is TestChameleon. It’s an on demand solution that provides every imaginable platform for manual and automated software testing in the cloud. Users can simulate any kind of hardware or software configuration (operating system, browser, and other software) remotely within seconds in order to test their websites and applications. This is done by creating virtual machines with remote access that provide the exact desired environment for testing, including your own custom software. 

By combining testing with crowdsourcing and cloud technology, Testbirds provides clients with a broad range of different testing services, allowing them to take the quality of their software to the next level.

If you like to be a new bird in our nest take a look at our current joboffers at www.testbirds.com/company/career/jobs or contact Sophia and Christine at jobs@testbirds.de

Company information: 
Company type: 
IT - Service
Products and Services: 
TestBirds Services
Product category: 
IT- Service

• Prototyping
• Usability Studies
• Competitive Benchmarking
• Beta Testing
• Bug-Finding
• Localization
and much more...

1. How can I apply for a position at Testbirds?
The best way to apply to Testbirds is by completing our application form. Alternatively you can send your application via mail: jobs@testbirds.de. Your contact persons are Sophia and Christine.
2. Does Testbirds offer internships?
Yes! We heartily welcome interns and offer an exciting internship program for interns from all over the world. It’s often a great opportunity to combine your internship with your thesis. In the past, multiple students have written their Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis in cooperation with Testbirds. If you are considering writing your thesis about or with Testbirds, or if you have a specific topic in mind, please state this in your application and we can discuss further details in person. In some areas we also offer working student opportunities. You can find all of our current internship and working student opportunities here. The basic requirement for becoming an intern at Testbirds is that you are currently registered as a full time student at a University.
3. What application documents are required?
To ensure a quick and smooth application process we need you to submit the following documents in pdf-format: - Cover letter including your motivation for the position, your salary expectations and your earliest start date. For an application as intern we also need the duration of the internship. - CV with language skills included - Employment certificates (if possible) - Your contact information (incl. address, email, telephone number and Skype contact information if possible) We also welcome further application documents such as portfolios or work samples.
4. How does the application process work?
Our HR Team is anxious to review your application as soon as possible. If your application fits one of our vacant positions, we will contact you by phone or via email and invite you to a telephone or Skype interview. If this is successful we will invite you to a personal interview to our office in Munich (if possible). Afterwards, in most cases, a final decision will be made. If your profile does not match, you will also receive a message from us.
5. In which countries can I work for Testbirds?
Testbirds operates globally. At the moment we are searching for employees for our offices in Munich, Amsterdam and London and Stockholm.
6. What is it like working for Testbirds?
It is definitely different from working for a big company. At Testbirds the start-up environment is clearly noticeable because of our pace, support and the flat hierarchies. We work in a dynamic and motivated manner. All our birds are flexible in undertaking their tasks. However, our employees quickly take responsibility and actively shape their responsibilities, whether they are here on permanent or internship positions. Another distinction are the team events and activities: To begin with daily foosball and FIFA matches, then weekly breakfasts together and last but not least quarterly Birds Flyouts like visiting the Munich Octoberfest or workshops at beautiful Bavarian seas.
7. What does Testbirds offer?
A lot! Besides the responsibility, the flat hierarchies and the team events, you can work with big brands, e.g. Audi, Allianz or B. Braun at Testbirds. Furthermore we want to evolve with you. As the company grows so will your responsibilities. That is why we are promoting you by regular feedback talks and internal and individual trainings. Besides, we are offering coffee, beverages and fresh fruits for free.


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Rewards and benefits: 
Advanced Education and Training
Cell phone / Laptop
Flexible dress code
Flexible work hours
Free food
Free internet access
Free parking
Home Office allowed
Social events
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