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General information: 

We provide consulting to various target groups in various areas of development and business operations. Our advantage is our interdisciplinary approach. In addition to this, we have an advantage due to our understanding of modern tools and technologies as well as our well-established partner, sales and consultancy network in Slovenia and abroad. The individual areas of consultancy are usually interwoven, while our clients’ initial questions are most frequently related to either obtaining additional financial resources or the sale of products and services in foreign markets.

Specialisation domains:

  • strategic management and organisation, and internationalisation of businesses;
  • establishment and management of business networks and other forms of business cooperation and networking/partnering/clustering;
  • development of business support and regional or local economic development services;
  • development of ICT, information, knowledge and intelligence-based services and tools for all the above mentioned domains;
  • access to European H2020 funds for innovative companies;
  • world promotion, marketing and sales;
  • monitoring of future trends for all the above mentioned domains.
Company information: 
Company type: 
Consulting Service
Advertising / PR / Marketing, Management Consulting, Other
Products and Services: 
European H2020 funds
Product category: 
Financial AID

We help you to apply for European Horizon 2020 funds.

Sales Channels Diversity
Product category: 

We help you to improve your sales channels diversity.

Business Consultation
Product category: 
Consulting services

Consultation over the Skype in the areas of:

  • diversity of sales channels
  • digital economy
  • internationalisation strategies
  • collaborative business models and partnership strategies
  • EU funds projects proposals


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