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Tech co-founder for innovative Facebook app

TC, London
Employment type: 
Materials Hack
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8th-10th July – Vienna, Austria
days Hackathon
weeks Incubation
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Tech co-founder for innovative Facebook app

Are you an ambitious individual, with strong tech skills and an interest in Facebook related innovation? Do you currently have some spare time which you can dedicate to building a new app based business? 

We are two existing co-founders seeking a tech co-founder to join our team. We are an early stage start-up with a defined plan for developing an innovative and useful Facebook app. The primary purpose of the app is to facilitate the consumption of Facebook for regular users. 

Our ideal tech co-founder will benefit from:
- Strong tech skills with coding experience
- Proven knowledge of Facebook APIs
- Understanding of audio & video technologies
- Willing to join as a co-founder on a voluntary basis
- Happy to work in a team with two other co-founders
- Able to dedicate a few hours a week to build an MVP
- London based or with access to London
- Ambitious and driven to create a winner

This is a diverse role which is best suited to a person with an entrepreneurial spirit who will be motivated by being engaged with the many important and varying activities required to get a new business established and operational. 

The successful person will need to be a self-starter and although they will have the opportunity to have constant contact with the other two co-founders, who will be working alongside them on other areas of the app commercialisation, they must also be responsible in managing themselves without the need for close supervision. Drive, motivation, discipline, diligence, perseverance, organisation are all key character traits for the ideal tech co-founder. 

We look forward to hearing from all those who feel they have what it takes to help build the next success in Facebook apps. No time wasters or intermediaries please. Thanks for your time and interest in this notice.