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Shiraz, Fars, Iran

I have quite experience in embedded C, computer vision, web front-end & back-end and mobile applications. I started my work in Shiraz-U computer vision lab, then programming embedded systems in Dominate-RFID and then front-end telecommute developer at Until recently I've been developing a single page web application for which enables traders to do trades in real time. Previous experience includes Embedded software on NXP chips to measure humidity & temperature for hospitals at Dominate RFID. And Computer Vision application to measure road traffic and vehicle classification at ShirazU CVPR lab. I've also casually written mobile and web applications in between. Colleagues know me as demanding, idealistic, moderate in disagreements and highly stress-resistant. I have a bachelor's degree in computer engineering from ShirazU. I'm a master student in the same university right now. Always interested in connecting with colleagues or old friends, so feel free to contact me if you’d like to connect.

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Telecomute Software Developer at
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IT - Frontend, IT - Mobile, IT - Web
Work experience: 
Software Developer

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