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Personal Information: 
Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK

My why: "I want to shake up all visionaries and dreamers so they start leading their teams and the world towards the most beautiful future they can envision." To achieve that I'm doing a number of different things, all of which have the same why in their core. At the moment I am actively working with:

FastReport -

Startup Race

TasCast Show -

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Get in touch at [email protected] or call on (+44) 07858009627 Follow me @tdalis

Your Interests and Preferences: 
Personal headline: 
Managing Director at Groupmates
I am: 
Founder, Part time job seeker, Freelancer, Startup enthusiast
Field of activity: 
Business Development, Management / Leadership, Marketing, Project Management, Sales
Desired location(s): 
Vienna, Scotland, London, England, U.K, Germany, Edinburgh
Additional notes: 
I am looking to work with businesses that pursue continues innovation. Although I'm a founder myself i work part-time on my project and I'd like to work with more experienced business executives in order to offer as much as i can while learning next to them.
Work experience: 
Co Founder
Groupmates is an exciting project. We truly believe that when people collaborate efficiently big things can happen.

We are a team on a mission to enable everyone in academia to collaborate safely and intuitively.

Groupmates - “The Slack for education”. An online intuitive collaboration tool for education. Your messages, files, calendar, notes, in one place. Designed first for students, then for staff, we ensure simplicity and engagement while helping universities to protect their IP.

The beta version of Groupmates is now running and getting researchers and students on board. This version is free for now, it help us to collect valuable feedback and learn from users.

Unlike the competitors we have an upside down approach, designing first for students then educators and finally university staff. This ensures simplicity and engagement from users and guarantees the ROI for universities licensing the product. We also give a way to prevent users from uploading resources on external services such as Dropbox, Google Drive or similar which go against universities policies.

Find more details @
English, Greek

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