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Personal Information: 
Cachan, France

I am Ayoub LOUATI, a master's degree student at ENS Paris-Saclay, at MVA (Mathemtaics, Vision and learning) with major in learning. I am currently seeking for a graduation project internship (4 to 6 months, starting April 2016) in data analysis and big data fields. I have been able to join the ranks of polytechnician students after having successfully passed the National Exam for Access to Engineering Schools ranked 56 out of 3000. The TPS multidisciplinary common core courses have enlarged my knowledge scope and enabled me to tackle many fields such as informatics, applied mathematics, numerical analysis, optimization. The majoring program was dedicated to logistics, stochastic, finance, econometrics, game theory, operational research and data analysis fileds. During my training in TPS i learnt how to devise and achieve complex and innovative projects at the highest level possible and i developed both my technical and communication skills. Currently, i'm enrolling in MVA master with a major in learning. The majoring program is dedicated to probabilistic graphical models, convex optimization and applications in machine learning, graphs in machine learning, reinforcement learning and computer vision and pattern recognition I'm starting different projects in different topics in order to valdiate the modules chosen in the master's program. The hard work and the research related to different modules helped me to enlarge my knowledge in different fields of machine learning. Therefore, I see in myself the ability to accomplish any mission offered to me. I am very motivated, self-confident, serious, and teamwork oriented.

Your Interests and Preferences: 
Personal headline: 
MSc in Machine Learning (MVA) at ENS Paris-Saclay
I am: 
Internship seeker
Field of activity: 
IT - Data
Desired location(s): 
Work experience: 
Attijari Leasing
Automatic Segmentation of CMBs on multicentre MRI data ICM This project consists in developing an automatic segmentation method for cerebral microbleeds (CMBs) to provide an objective and reliable tool to characterize the severity of these anomalies. 2015 Evaluating used car prices Developing a hedonic model using the SAS software and a graphical interface with JAVA Swing.
Reinforcement Learning
Q-Learning applied to tool-assisted gaming. Playing mario with deep reinforcement learning.
: Developing SVM algorithm using the Barrier method. 2015 Data analysis: Predicting the market movement using di?erent ML algorithms in R. 2014 Operational research: Studying the asymptotic behavior of the strategy "a priori" for the probabilistic bin packing problem.
Workman Internship ChimiCouleurs
This is an introduction to professional life. It aims at discovering the professional environment.

Academic projects
Arabic, English
Skills : 
C, Matlab, SAS, JAVA Swing, Natural Language Processing, HMM, packing problem

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