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Personal Information: 
Rotterdam, Netherlands

I am an enthusiastic student enrolled at the Rotterdam School of Management, studying International Business Administration (BSc). I have lived in 5 countries; Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Australia and the Netherlands, with friends, family and contacts from many more. I speak English, French and Swedish fluently, as well as German at an intermediate level. I am ambitious, with high aspirations to become largely successful in any position I hold.

Your Interests and Preferences: 
Personal headline: 
BSc. of Science in International Business Administration, Swedish, 11.06.1994
I am: 
Part time job seeker, Internship seeker, Startup enthusiast
Field of activity: 
Business Development
Desired location(s): 
Rotterdam, Netherlands, Europe, Switzerland
Additional notes: 
I am looking for further opportunities to become part of interesting and innovative start-ups, as well as looking for internships or part time jobs between July 2015 and December 2015
Work experience: 
Jointly responsable for developing online social media platform.
Market Researcher
At Fieldservice4Netherlands I work as a market researcher. I conduct surveys and interviews over the phone with second party current and potential clients, whose phone numbers and details are provided by our company's first party clients. The filled out surveys are then sent to our first party clients, who review them and implement the results appropriately into their goods and services.
Learning Support Teacher
Upon my return to Europe from Australia, my highschool asked me if I was interested in taking up a teaching assistant's role, which I accepted. During this 6 month period I assisted students from 9th to 12th grade (13-17 year olds) in the School's Learning Center. I was there for support in any academic subject for which they needed help, but mostly for mathematics, economics, physics and chemistry.
General Assistant
At the Timbertop Campus of the Geelong Grammar School, approximately 3 hours drive north of Melbourne, I worked as a general assistant for 6 months. It is a boarding school, and as I lived on campus, I worked, to some extent, all the time. I was a mentor for the general student body, as well as being the mathematics assistant teacher during the education hours of the day and a physical education assistant during the afternoons. Furthermore, I contributed to the well-being and the environmental sustainability of the campus.

This was a very important part of my life and helped me mature and become a more rounded and responsible adult. An experience for which I am very grateful.
RSM Erasmus Universiteit
International Business Administration
International School of Geneva
English, French, Swedish
Skills : 
Research, Leadership, Team building

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