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Personal Information: 
Key Largo, FL, USA

I spent most of my career as a newspaper executive in the second-largest media group in the United States. In 2003, I discovered coaching, took my training, got my certification and opened my own business -- all after 5 months of coaching. I am a true poster child for the power and effectiveness of coaching!

A few years later, I took the job as CEO for the Key Largo (Fla.) Chamber of Commerce. It was a fabulous run for nearly seven years, but in 2012 I made another midlife transition to focus on my own business and my lifelong passion -- helping business and professional women succeed.

  • I work with career professional women to help them develop the skill sets they need to demonstrate their value and ask for what they want.  Many of these women are embarking on "encore" careers and need assistance with goal-setting and accountability. 
  • Many of my coaching clients are also entrepreneurs, either brand new or those who have been in business for a while. I share my experiences as a start-up and help them overcome some of the biggest challenges they face. 
  • A growing subset of my clientele is women in midlife and mid-career transition. These are women who have been recently widowed or divorced, downsized, fired or replaced by younger, less-experienced and cheaper employees. They seriously doubt their capabilities and have no idea what comes next. 

Regardless of where they are in their career or life, I help women get their mojo back through personalized coaching that focuses on what they need the most to help them recognize their value and worth.  

Your Interests and Preferences: 
Personal headline: 
Success coach helping professional women in midlife and mid-career transitions. Career and entrepreneur coach
I am: 
Field of activity: 
Business Development, Management / Leadership, Other Occupations
Additional notes: 
I am always open to working with women who want to improve their lot in life and believe they deserve better than what they have.
Work experience: 
Individuals: I help women set and reach goals through coaching sessions held over the phone at their convenience. It's like being a best friend but better. I bring professional coaching skills to the table to support and help my clients get to where and who they want to be.

While each client brings her own goals to the table, here are some topics that coaching can help you with:

• Career changes
­• Career advancement
• Learning how to negotiate
• Adapting to change
• Developing leadership skills
• Building self-confidence
• Improving public speaking skills
• Learning how to say "no" -- and mean it
• Handling difficult people
• Time management skills
• Setting, prioritizing and achieving goals
• Work-life balance
• Motivation

Business: Let me use my 30-plus experience as a media and chamber executive to help you plan for a new venture or build the one you've got. I can provide business consultations on:

• Website development
• Inbound marketing strategies, including blogs, email marketing and social media
• Online and face-to-face marketing
• Business development
• Public relations
• Promotions
• Business planning
• Public speaking

If you know you're worth investing in yourself and want to explore one-on-one success coaching or small- group coaching, email me at [email protected] Let's work together on creating the life of your dreams.
University of Florida
BS Journalism and Communicaiton, 
Location term: 
Gainesville, FL, USA
US United States
Major: Journalism and communication. Double minor: Rhetoric and public address, and sociology
Skills : 
Marketing Strategy, Leadership, Social media, Management, Coaching, Business Coaching, Communications, Writing, Editing, Training
Entrepreneurship, Business Strategy

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