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Philadelphia, PA, United States

Jason received his Bachelors of Science in Computer Information Systems Management with a minor in Business from Delaware Valley College in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. He also has several I.T. certifications including Website Management, Database Development, and several Microsoft certifications. Jason has been honing his expertise in web development, consulting, and leading teams in the technology space for almost two decades. In this time, he has mastered technology related to his experiences, ranging from website UI / UX design, front end development, project implementation, and software testing / integration. He has helped corporations implement new technology and transition into new software. He also was active in helping companies upgrade their systems during the Y2K era.

In addition to his tenured experience in large corporate enterprise, Jason's entrepreneurial drive pushed him through the past 15 years of creating new businesses. A book written and published in 2005, garnered respectable local buzz, and was further matched when Jason took on the task of directing and producing an independent film which won the audience choice award in a film festival, had a short theater run and is currently being distributed nationwide in thousands of retail stores and On Demand in 10M homes. Jason had carved out a career as a well known violinist and music producer in the late 90s when he performed around the world.

An asset to the Philadelphia tech community, Jason enjoys mentoring other entrepreneurs and helping small business owners succeed. He volunteers his time and skill set to the Philadelphia tech community on a regular basis. His interests include technology, film, music, writing, traveling, going to cultural events, staying active and learning new things.

Specialties: Information Technology, Multimedia, Start ups, Web and Graphic Design, Mobile Apps, Networking, Film & Music Production, Sales, Branding, Search Engine Optimization, and much more.

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Personal headline: 
Serial Entrepreneur, Techie, Videographer, Creative Human
I am: 
Field of activity: 
Design / UX
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Work experience: 
As a contributor for Technically Philly, I write about the thriving Philadelphia tech scene with a focus on startups. I'm always on the lookout for innovative and creative founders who are disrupting current technologies. I bring a unique perspective to my articles as I am a programmer, tech startup co-founder, as well as tech community volunteer. My goal as a writer for is to spread nationwide awareness to what Philadelphia has to offer to the world of technology.
Front End Web Developer
As a remote Front End Web Developer I performed a 1 Month Contract doing the following:

- Testing front end functions within various company portals.
- Fixing HTML, CSS, JavaScript bugs listed in BugZilla.
- Navigating Ruby on Rails framework.
- Committing changes to Github, merge branches, ask for pull requests.
- Going over design mockups from graphics department for further implementation.
- Communicating with management team on a daily basis regarding workflow.
CEO and Co-Founder
Jason created Instamour to fix all of the problems with online dating, and breathe new life into the world of forming relationships. With a lightning quick sign up process, video profiles, live video chat, private instant messaging, virtual phone calls and no more unwanted emails, your experience is what it should be: fun, simple, personal, and private!

Jason led his team at the StartFast Venture Accelerator in the summer of 2014 as they took their small platform of 10,000 users and scaled the infrastructure to handle the 100,000 users they would acquire using growth hacking tactics. Instamour is currently on-boarding thousands of new members each day on it's cross platform technology. It is available for iPhone, Android, Web, and even a Facebook app.

Jason created Instamour because of his frustration with dating websites and mobile apps. After listening to horror dating stories from hundreds of people and studying the flaws of online dating he truly believes this is the next evolution in online dating. Instamour is currently in the middle of raising a seed round and will continue to grow in the coming months.
Entrepreneur Writer
As a writer for the Examiner, my articles are focused on the newest trends, gadgets, technology, social media start ups, and local entrepreneurs. I do a lot of research, and do a lot of networking, so typically my articles are fresh, current and very informative. Subscribe to my column to get updated on my newest articles.
CEO & Co-founder
Jason was an eBay Powerseller since 1998 and in 2012 sold his successful, self-started, brick & mortar eBay franchise. Jason has been a graphic designer for two decades and personally designed the website and mobile app for Picklify as well as leading the development team and writing code alongside them on a daily basis.

Jason's work entailed designing and implementing a large web-based social commerce web & mobile application from scratch, and with the help of his team - the database design, object/component design, security design, design of logical and physical tiers, and user interface design. Wrote several dozen workflow documents for the entire system. He also handle all online advertising using Google Adwords, SEO (search engine optimization), analytics, social media marketing through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Emails, etc.
Delphia Entertainment is an award winning film company that specializes in public and private events, tech startup marketing videos, short or feature length films, and a fully equipped video editing studio for all your video and photo needs. Founder Jason Sherman has been a tremendous asset to the tech community since 2010. Being the CEO and Co-Founder of Instamour, a Philadelphia video-based tech startup, he has the unique ability to take an idea from paper to the screen and help your company stand out from the rest. For video or photo work visit and for more information on the founder visit

Our team consists of experts in all aspects of television and film production such as: directors, producers, cameramen, audio & lighting, writers, actors, graphic designers, makeup, wardrobe, set design, and much more. Our team also has many experts in the field of audio production such as: engineers, mixers, DJ's, producers, singers, etc. We shoot on HD movie cameras with green screens, and a large assortment of lighting kits & audio equipment.

Our biggest achievement is our award winning feature film The Bucks County Massacre - check it out at
IT Project Supervisor, Webmaster & Graphic Designer, Hardware & Software Manager
Evaluate and implement new software packages for company growth and organize new projects with technology companies such as Comcast, Nextel, UPS, and Dell. In charge of all aspects of e-commerce including: software installs and training at customer sites, maintaining and updating the company website, learning and implementing new online ordering software, making tutorials and presentations for company use. Train outside salespeople on software packages and travel with them to customer sites for software implementation. Create logos and/or high end graphics for marketing department and corporate use. Set up computers on company network and setup new employees in the internal and external networks. Implement UPS logistics dispatching and routing software (RoadNet & MobileCast) for company use. Implement Nextel phones for use with drivers to track via GPS and provide routing information using UPS software. Daily use of Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Outlook. Organize and prepare presentations for meetings with company owner, vice president, IT director, and executives from Fortune 500 companies. Create and implement a 5,000 customer survey and maintain spreadsheets with results. Take apart computers and laptops regularly, order parts needed to replace parts and fix. Install operating systems and software packages to computers and laptops as needed. Maintain daily logs and create procedures for daily assignments. Give advice for new hardware or software for the company and find the lowest prices possible. Provide technical support via phone and email for employees and customers.
Entrepreneur & Consultant
I have been running my own Technology Consulting company since 2003 and am currently the CEO & Co-Founder for Instamour, an innovative mobile video relationship platform based out of Philadelphia (we are finalizing our seed round). I am excited to announce that Instamour graduated the 10 week StartFast Venture Accelerator program in August of 2014. I am the official videographer for StartupGrind powered by Google Entrepreneurs which is a global startup community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs. I volunteered for Philly Tech Meetup (PTM) for over 2 years and currently I volunteer for Philly New Technology Meetup which supports the vibrant and growing Philadelphia tech community. Finally I am a volunteer for Tech in Motion events and the PSL Bootcamp series (Philly Startup Leaders). As a contributor for Technically Philly, I write about the thriving Philadelphia tech scene with a focus on startups. Also, I'm an avid supporter of virtual currency such as Bitcoin and have created a microsite to teach others and spread awareness.

My past achievements include winning the Audience Choice award at the 2011 New Hope Film Festival for my independent film as well as landing a distribution deal. I'm also a published author as well as a classically trained violinist and was an established music producer in the late 90's. I've traveled the world extensively and have started over 10 companies since 1996 with a successful exit of my brick & mortar franchise in 2012. I love culture, languages, cooking, film, music and art. I'm an experienced graphic designer and have created hundreds of unique designs for websites and mobile apps along with developing the functionality to help bring them to life.

One thing I thoroughly enjoy, is being a mentor to other new business owners and entrepreneurs. So if you have a unique idea and would like me to help you make it a reality feel free to send me an Email.
CEO & Founder
I've been designing, developing and maintaining private or commercial websites and mobile
applications. I am very efficient at creating white board diagrams, iterating various wireframe prototypes, workflow documentation focusing on functionality, and implementing beautiful designs. Programming languages I've used include HTML (Intermediate), CSS (Intermediate), PHP & MySql (Novice), Ruby on Rails (Novice), JavaScript / JQuery (Novice), Python (Novice), and Objective C / Xcode (Novice). I have been coding and taking courses on my own, full time for a minimum of 5-8 hours per day while running my consulting company. Programs and systems used include: Windows, OSX, Xcode, Dreamweaver, Sublime, Bootstrap, Photoshop, Github, Heroku, IRB Terminal, and other useful programs. I am extremely proficient in creating beautiful PSD designs along with web / mobile optimized PNG & JPEG files in Adobe Photoshop CS.

I have been helping business owners make their ideas become a reality for almost two decades.
You won't find another company that can provide you with every single service you need to help your business succeed. This is why I'm called the "Go To" guy. I am a trained professional in many areas of expertise, from technology to multimedia to business. Based in Philadelphia, I have helped a multitude of business owners in virtually every industry since 1998. I can help you with your small or large project or just give you hands-on training.

I also have successfully ran a self started eBay / Consulting brick and mortar store while managing three employees from 2006-2012 (until I sold it).
Delaware Valley College
Computers & Business
Computer Information Systems Management
English, Spanish
Skills : 
SEO, Entrepreneurship, Social media, Social Media Marketing, Management, Sales, Marketing, Leadership, CSS, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, Training, Advertising, MySQL, jQuery, Analytics

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