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Los Angeles, CA, USA

Accomplished executive with 25 years experience launching new ventures and implementing strategies for global technology and media companies. Innovative team builder who empowers others to achieve their best work while building lasting loyalty. Reliable partner who develops and maintains long-term relationships with key industry and government leaders. Proven forecaster in financial analysis, project management, and strategic planning. Trusted consultant to leading private equity firms on major media M&A transactions. Honest, hard-working go-getter who promotes social responsibility in every aspect of corporate life.

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Specialties: A proven deal-making ability to create enduring strategic partnerships globally; including multi-million dollar deals with: McDonald's, Coca Cola, United Airlines, Microsoft, Ford, GM, and Best Buy. Experienced technologist who develops and markets breakthrough technologies for such companies as Apple, IBM, Intel, Facebook, Linkedin and Microsoft.

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Serial Entrepreneur & author of Disrupt You! - Published 2015
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Management / Leadership
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In today’s ever-changing and often-volatile business landscape, adaptability and creativity are more crucial than ever. It is no longer possible—or even desirable—to learn one set of job skills and work your way up the ladder. Rather, today’s entrepreneurs and business leaders must anticipate change to create opportunities for professional success and personal satisfaction. In Disrupt You!, Jay Samit—a digital media expert who has launched, grown, and sold start-ups and Fortune 500 companies alike—describes the unique method he has used to invent new products and grow established businesses throughout his career.

Samit has been at the helm of businesses in the ecommerce, digital video, social media, mobile communications, and software industries, helping to navigate them through turbulent economic times and guide them through necessary transformation so that they stay ahead of the curve and profitable. In Disrupt You!, he shows how the strategies that help companies flourish can be applied at an individual level. By challenging assumptions, pinpointing one’s unique value, and identifying weaknesses in the structure of current industries, anyone can achieve success and prosperity.

Incorporating stories from his own experience and anecdotes from other innovators and disruptive businesses—including Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, YouTube, Circ du Soleil, Odor Eaters, Iams Dog Food, Silly Putty, and many more—Samit shows how personal transformation can reap entrepreneurial and professional rewards. Disrupt You! offers clear and empowering advice for anyone looking for a big break; anyone with a big idea but no idea how to apply it; and for anyone worried about being made irrelevant in an era of technological transformation. This engaging, paradigm-shifting book demystifies the mechanics of disruption for individuals and businesses alike. To order go to
SeaChange International (NASDAQ: SEAC) enables transformative multi-screen TV services for video service providers globally. Personalized and fully monetized video experiences anytime on any device, in the home and everywhere, are the product of the Company’s superior software and services for the back office, advertising and home gateways. Headquartered in Acton, Massachusetts, SeaChange is TL 9000 certified and has product development, support and sales offices around the world. Visit
Member Board of Directors
Equal Earth Corp. is a global diversified clean energy solutions provider. The company’s mission is to power the world with innovative renewable energy resources that are economically viable and environmentally sound.
Adjunct Professor: USC Viterbi School of Engineering
Co-teach "Building the High Tech Start-up," at the largest engineering school in the nation. Course enables students to develop entrepreneurial skills by partnering business and engineering students into teams tasked with creating a new App or Internet based business. Consistently a top student-rated course in University.

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