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Personal Information: 
Vienna, Austria

Believe. Execute. Learn.

I want to empower people. I want someone to look at me and say "because of you I didn't give up". 

Advisor and mentor for early-stage startups. Speaker and panelist at various startup, education and HR conferences.

Co-Founder, Biz Guy & former CMO at whatchado. Responsible for business development, strategic cooperations, content distribution and user acquisition. Initiator of whatchaSKOOL, HR BarCamp Vienna ( and Refugee Stories ( More under the section 'work experience'.

Management Consultant 
➥ Digital marketing / Corporate development / Leadership
➥ Advisor and mentor for early-stage startups
➥ Speaker and panelist at various startup, education and HR conferences

Startup Mentor at Vienna University of Economics and Business / Austria Wirtschaftsservice (aws) / Creative Region Linz & Upper Austria / StartupLeitner

Ambassador at primeCROWD, one of Austria's biggest networks for startup investors – matching high-profile investors with selected startups.

Officially European Youth Award Ambassador & Austrian ambassador for integration, nominated by Sebastian Kurz, Austrian minister of foreign affairs. Elected under the top Vienna University of Economics and Business Alumni Entrepreneurs in 2014 & 2015.

Speaker and panelist appearances, including:
UN World Summit Award (Sri Lanka), European Youth Award, European Diversity, Business & Inclusion Congress, AIESEC Career Days & Youth to Business Forum, FuckUp Nights Vienna, Hochschulbarcamp Germany, AIESEC National Days, LHH & DBM Austria, Online-Karrieretag Wien, Vienna University of Economics and Business, University of Vienna, Technical University of Vienna, Technical University of Graz

Corporate awards won:
HR Excellence Awards, Digital Communication Award, Startup Rockstar Austria, Personalmarketing Innovation des Jahres in Deutschland, European Youth Award, UN World Summit Award, UN World Summit Youth Award Runners-up, HR Innovation Slam Award Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz, TRIGOS Award Social Entrepreneurship, Deutscher Preis für Onlinekommunikation, Mingo Award Wachstumsorientierte Kleinunternehmen, Staatspreis für Multimedia und eBusiness in der Kategorie Bildung & Wissen, Content Award

Profile video: 
Your Interests and Preferences: 
Personal headline: 
Entrepreneur | Marketeer | Startup Mentor
I am: 
Seeking to be (co)-founder, Full time job seeker, Investor, Mentor/Advisor, Startup enthusiast
Field of activity: 
Business Development, Management / Leadership, Marketing, Project Management, Public Relations, Sales
Work experience: 
Startup Mentor
AT Austria
StartupLeitner is Austria's biggest, volunteer network of experts, supporting innovative startup companies in their road to success. The network provides ambitious entrepreneurs with essential skills in product, sales, marketing, finance, legal, human resources, leadership and many more. I am entitled to join an amazing group of experts next to the likes of Heinrich Prokop, Eveline Steinberger-Kern and Daniel Cronin – empowering startups to rise beyond the ordinary. For more visit:
Startup Mentor
AT Austria
aws First
Your future. Your business.

aws First fosters entrepreneurial spirit in by supporting upcoming entrepreneurs on their way to the very first startup company. In this respect, the program’s service portfolio includes professional coaching, financial support and a large network of experts to fully unleash one’s business potential.

I will be involved as a startup mentor in a highly motivated startup team, guiding them in the world of entrepreneurship. Our goal is to prepare them for market fit and entry. Ask-me-anything, here we come! For more info you can visit:
Starting in October 2016, I am privileged to mentor students and future entrepreneurs in developing their very own startup ideas. This highly accredited startup garage drives innovation and entrepreneurial mindset. My role demands knowledge sharing and creation in various fields, including leadership, business development, strategic management, marketing, sales and human resources. For more check:
Creative Media Entrepreneur is a new program that supports emerging entrepreneurs in the development and implementation of their creative media projects. In this context, projects may range from highly gamified apps to sophisticated hardware solutions. Starting in September 2016, the program will last over a timespan of ten months. It is powered by Creative.Region Linz & Upper Austria and Austria Wirtschaftsservice (aws).

I will be involved as a startup mentor in four, highly motivated startup teams, guiding them in the world of entrepreneurship. Our goal is to prepare them for market fit and entry. Ask-me-anything, here we come! For more info you can visit:
Management Consultant
Passionate management consultant and reliable wing-man in the fields of digital marketing, corporate development and leadership. Loving to support clients when it comes setting up a sustainable strategy and implementing them effectively in day-to-day operations. Reference projects include multinational enterprises, startups from various industries and public institutions. My competences include:

✔ Developing growth strategies
✔ Developing new revenue streams for your business
✔ Improving the efficiency of organizational operations
✔ Pursuing successful leadership practices
✔ Optimizing B2B and B2C lead generation
✔ Content marketing
✔ Social media marketing
✔ Search engine optimization
✔ Search engine marketing / advertizing
✔ Performance management of campaigns
✔ Successful self-branding or as I would say "Swaggering"
AT Austria
Other Occupations
primeCROWD is one of Austria's biggest networks for startup investors and matches high-profile investors with selected startups. By offering a more promising solution to the existing investor portfolio, the platform intends to promote the Austrian and European startup eco-system.

I am part of a selected team of brand ambassadors building up a strong network of highly promising startups, investors and partners. Investments can start from as little as € 10,000 upwards. For more information please visit:
Co-Founder, CMO & Biz Guy
AT Austria
Management / Leadership, Marketing
Head of Marketing
Responsible for business development, strategic cooperations, content distribution, user acquisition and initiator of several projects including whatchaSKOOL and HR BarCamp Vienna (
Co-responsible for raising € 4M+ in capital funding.

Since 2013, I have been mainly responsible for the development and professionalization of the marketing department. During this time the team has grown to over ten people and thus became one of the largest in the company. Our day-to-day business includes Strategic Partnerships, B2B Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Design & Branding, Content Strategy, SEO, SEM/SEA, Public Relations and product development. I have been involved in setting up the strategy and operational execution, both at the same time. Constant annual doubling of user numbers and more than 400 media reports in print, TV, radio and online with a value of € 2.5M are the positive outcome.

Apart, I have been strongly involved in the acquisition of more than € 4M in total investment, starting from 2013. My work has covered the whole investment acquisition process, i.e. analyzing potential investors, preparing all relevant materials including the pitch deck and investor talks. Successful investments include Austrian Business Angel Johann Hansmann (Runtastic, Shpock), Brigitte Ederer (Former board member of Siemens AG), Claus Raidl (President of the National Bank of Austria) and Family Offices such as Püspök, Umdasch and Ehrlich-Adám.
Executive Assistant
AT Austria
Operating officer and supporting the CEO with strong focus on Business Development. My daily tasks included the development of an international range of partnerships and cooperations. Besides, I was responsible for setting up multilingual contracts for international clients.
Co-Founder, Sales Analyst & Biz Guy
AT Austria
Sales Analyst
Being aware of the importance of generating revenues to be much more independent from external funding, we formed a team of three to set up and professionalize our sales. The latter is now one of our core competencies.

I was mainly responsible for analyzing and optimizing our positioning, presentation and sales funnel performances. Making much in-depth research, we achieved to multiply our revenue streams and sales conversion. In the first two years of existence, we thus acquired over 50 multinational, corporate clients and won a turnover of over € 600,000.
Executive Aassistant
AT Austria
Corporation for international Import-Export,
Marketing & Sales
Purchasing & Sales Intern
IR Iran
Sole agency of PALFINGER AG in Iran,
Engineering department
Paralegal on contractual basis
AT Austria
Law firm with focus on business law
AT Austria
Law firm and attorney
Marketing Intern
IR Iran
Sole agency of PALFINGER AG in Iran
Accounting Intern
AT Austria
Corporation for international Import-Export
Accounting Intern
AT Austria
Corporation for international Import-Export
University of Liverpool
Master of Science (MSc.), International Management, 
Location term: 
Liverpool, Merseyside, UK
GB United Kingdom
Strategic Organisation
International Business & Emerging Markets
Managing in a Multicultural Context
Managing Finance
Marketing Management
Business Leadership MHR
Organizational Learning and Development
Management Strategic Operation
MBA Research Methods Training
University of South Carolina
Bachelor of Science (BSc), International Business Administration, 
Location term: 
Columbia, South Carolina
US United States
August 2010 - December 2010,
Exchange Semester, International Business Program at the Darla Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina. Ranked number 1 in the U.S. in this field for 14 consecutive years.
Vienna University of Economics and Business
Bachelor of Science (BSc), International Business Administration, 
Location term: 
AT Austria
Business Administration
Mathematics and Statistics
Foreign Language Business (English)
Foreign Language Business (French)
Business and Economics from a Socia] Science Perspective
Social Skills
Principles of Academic Work
International Courses (Auslandssemester an der Darla Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina)
Cross-functional Management:
Umfasst die Bereiche International Marketing Management, International Human Resources, International Micro- & Macroeconomics & International Finance

Bachelor Thesis:
"Zhonkun Group's ecotourism resort project wave of Chinese entrepreneurs heading to in TIceland - The launch of a new Europe and managing its obstacles."
Graded: Excellent
English, German, Persian
Skills : 
Project management, Social media, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Marketing, Management, Digital Marketing, Employer Banding
Event management, Business Strategy, Business development, MS Office, Market Research, PR, Sales, Analytics
Product management, Recruiting, Human Resources

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