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Trieste, Italy

Blending over a decade of award-winning successes in both the creative and technical sides management, brand development, and business operation, I have led and directed product development, analysis, international marketing, and more, while working with industry leaders. Having an astute understanding of global businesses, particularly in the food, wine and personal care product arenas, I expertly guide clients through the complex worlds innovation, product development, supply chain management and marketing. I take great pride in my talent at bringing the most creative solutions and products to clients around the world. In my quest to always provide the most current solutions, remain at the forefront of technological innovation, ensure maximum creativity, and provide world-class service, I completed a multitude of trainings and build a global professional network. Every day, as an astute leader I generate high-value employees, expand revenue, and build robust development, branding and marketing projects

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Who said coffee should have all the fun?
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Team leader in brand development:
I am working on brand development for dried fruits and nuts for marketing on both Slovenian and foreign markets. In the first phase, I made a deep market research, then I focused on product development, procurement of raw materials, production and logistics, and after that on brand development and development of sales and marketing strategies.

Main tasks and competences:

-      Research of trends and assessment of dried fruits and nuts market size on global scale
-      Analysis of global competition
-      Elaboration of conceptual design for production line based on the analysed data
-      Development of outsourcing solution for dried fruits and nuts packaging, including packaging and packing material
-      Development of dried fruits and nuts procurement channels
-      Establishment of internal quality control
-      Positioning and conceptual design for brand
-      Development of visual part of brand in cooperation with a designer 
-      Exposure of marketing strategies and implementation through various channels.
While leading the company for distribution of foreign brands I also started my own start-up project. In the first phase, I made a deep market research, then I was responsible for product development, procurement of raw materials and logistics, brand development as well as development of sales and marketing strategy. I was looking for potential foreign investors and investors in Slovenia and I was also developing the business model. I invented a new method of consuming tea that was named Roispresso, for which I received many awards and recognitions, for start-up product and brand development. During the first year, I managed to sell Roispresso through my own network, in London, to the Hilton Hotel as well as to the Nobu restaurant. In the same year, the product penetrated markets in Dubai, Hong Kong and Germany. Further development continued in London where I lived for two years and had a priceless opportunity to learn, in the leading business environment, the skills of international sales, marketing and brand development. I attended Grocery Accelerator program i.e. an accelerator focused on FMCG. Under the mentorship of successful businessmen who worked on leading positions for large multinational companies such as Nestle, Britvič, etc., I was learning brand development and marketing skills on international markets. As part of the accelerator I had opportunity to attend a lot of educational conferences in London focusing on FMCG. It provided me large experience in the area of brand development and international marketing focusing on FMCG.

- Innovation and product development (Roispresso), procurement and logistics // the product was selected at International competition as Best new functional drinks, placed in the finals for the best Slovenian business idea, and the company occupied the 2nd place for the best business plan
English, Italian
Skills : 
Accelerator, Microsoft Office, SAOP, Zoho CRM, inspiring, Motivating Individuals, Social Skills, competences, self-initiative and innovativeness, independence, Perseverance, exceptional organization skills and creativity, Communication Skills, positivistic and personal appearance, Organizational skills and competences leading, motivational skills, analytical and organizational skills, independent, team work skills

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