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Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Lorand is a marketer and technologist focused on science and education, with a keen interest in biotech, renewable energy and robotics. His dream is to see humanity transform itself into a multi-planetary species.

He advocates simplicity and its use in business, lifestyle and interactions with technology. Lorand is a calm and mindful person; he meditates daily.

He worked on the accounts of some notable names – Jaguar, Land Rover, H&M, Duracell, Pringles, Microsoft, Regus and HP. Companies he directly worked with or for include Neveli, Tag Worldwide, Evozon, Start-Up Chile and asiqo. In the course of the years he co-founded three startups— a cosmetics manufacturer, a video recognition app and a healthcare company.

Lorand is obsessed with fixing problems using technology and he helps others do the same. He cares about health and fitness of body and mind, about becoming a multi-planetary species and all the things needed in achieving this, as well as about creating abundance for all humans.

You can get in touch with him by email, on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. You can also find him on AngelList, CrunchBase and follow his posts on Medium.

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I build and grow things using science and technology
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Co-founder & CEO
Neveli analyzes the data from your devices and helps you understand, monitor and manage your health.

It keeps all health data secured, accessible from one single interface. No more importing, exporting or losing data when switching healthcare providers or devices.

Neveli makes sense of health data, regardless of its source - sensors in smartwatches, activity trackers, scales, glucose meters, blood pressure monitors and any connected healthcare devices.

Neveli also helps doctors take better care of patients by giving them insights into their health at any time.
Entrepreneur in Residence
As EiR I support Evozon in fostering innovation across the organization, growing the network of connected entrepreneurs & product managers, as well as solving meaningful issues with the assistance of well-thought software products.
Marketing Manager
As MM I support Evozon in fostering genuine innovation across the marketing spectrum of the organization, growing the network of connected entrepreneurs & product managers, as well as solving meaningful issues with the assistance of well-thought software products; researching and developing marketing opportunities and plans.
Creative Consultant
As a Creative Consultant I've dealt with copy, translation, localization and consulted on approaches for several key-accounts, such as IBM, HP, Microsoft, Land Rover, Jaguar, Duracell, Regus.
Universitatea Crestina Dimitrie Cantemir Cluj
English, Romanian
Skills : 
Advertising, Management, Marketing
Event management, Product management, IBM, HP, Microsoft, Data Center, technologist, Entrepreneur, fixing, using

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