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Personal Information: 
Rome, Italy

Hi, My name is Luca Barboni and I'm a young and motivated professional working on Marketing and Communication Strategy. My background in Psychology of Communication gave me the tools to become aware and receptive on how to manage communication when it gets to connecting with people and building relationships, online and offline. I am skilled with Social Media, Web Marketing, and I love combining them for smart solutions as in Growth Hacking. I am an evangelist of the Web 2.0 vision, advising companies on how to build their online presence from Branding on social media to Social Selling ultimately growing their business.

5 FACTS about me:

- I started studying Communication Psychology at 18yo because I wanted to conquer the world.

- You could say I'm a Gamer - Geek - Nerd.

- I'm very passionate about strategy. I eat Sun Tzu and Machiavelli for breakfast.

- I'm a dreamer. Seriously: I'm a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams.

- Can't stop learning new stuff.

In love with the quote: "Marketing is too important to be left to the Marketing department"​. 

Your Interests and Preferences: 
Personal headline: 
Growth Hacker @ Growth Hound.
I am: 
Founder, Startup enthusiast
Field of activity: 
Desired location(s): 
Rome, Italy
Additional notes: 
I am well connected to the Rome lively startup ecosystem and I offer Growth Hacking consultancy and education to let other entrepreneurs overcoming the challenge of growing their own startups.
Work experience: 
Growth Hacker & Packmaster
Growth Hound is an elite team of growth hackers helping SMB and big companies tracking down new opportunities for exponential growth.

We believe growth can be kickstarted only when unconventional creativity meets scientific mindset, and that's why we gathered our pack of experts: Growth Hound covers SEO, Digital Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization, UX, Social Media and Lean Methodologies.
LSM Italy Communication Manager & Mentor
Lean Startup Machine (LSM) is a three-day workshop on building a successful business. Most new ventures fail because they build something no one wants. LSM teaches you a process based on the Lean Methodology for discovering which products will succeed in the marketplace and which won't.
Growth Marketing Consultant
I work as a Communication and Marketing consultant analyzing and restyling the online presence of brands, planning goal-oriented funnel strategies, developing integrated communication plans using tools and platforms of the Web 2.0.
La Sapienza
Psychological Sciences - Communication & Marketing Psychology, 
Location term: 
IT Italy
Skills : 
Growth Hacking, Social Media Marketing, Analytics, Mobile Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Inbound Marketing
SEO, HTML & CSS, Gamification
Web Scraping

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