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Personal Information: 
The Hague, Netherlands

A marketing enthusiast who owns an entrepreneurial mindset, seeking a position in Marketing wherein I can utilise my communication and managing skills, experience and personal attributes including dedication, meeting goals, creativity and the ability to follow through in order to improve organisational performance. Develop products, markets and relationships. Being an entrepreneur since the last 2 years has taught me how to increase company's revenue by thinking outside of the box, daring to try new approach, using diverse information, building win-win relationship and customer satisfaction. Also I believe in the ability of team-work, make work fun and productive, getting everyone involved. I am genuinely interested in a dynamic cross cultural organisation where you are challenged to work with people that are able to approach assignments in many different perspectives and at the same time broaden your knowledge.

Your Interests and Preferences: 
Personal headline: 
Marketing Enthusiast: looking for new challenge in the field
I am: 
Full time job seeker
Field of activity: 
Business Development, Customer Support, Management / Leadership, Marketing
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Work experience: 
Banh Mi Girls is a small food startup founded in The Hague, with a clear mission in bringing tasty, healthy and fresh Vietnamese food for office-lunch in The Netherlands. Breaking through the boring Dutch sandwich lunch scene, we thrive to offer more varieties and exciting choices for the officials with outstanding quality and services. Thanks to our partner WECANTEEN, we have been working with TomTom, Binckbank and HeadQuarters offices in Amsterdam and The Hague.

For the past two years working with/within in Food Industry have given me a great opportunity to learn an incredible amount about inventory management, waste management, cost management and organisational management as well as develop my expertise in Marketing that includes generating new business, branding, event promotions, networker and managing Social Media channels.

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