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I have always been passionate about writing and entrepreneurship. I started my career as author being a student. I practised writing articles for ezines. The main topics of the articles were health, nutrition, weight loss and fitness. Tips provided in the articles were based on my own experience and experiments.

To expand my knowledge in these areas, i attended conferences organized by such well-known company as Amway, dance classes at the studio of modern dance Blitz and delved into literature dedicated to fitness and nutrition.

In the final year of my studies, i created my own website, Magazine MN.
Magazine MN is the first digital magazine that covers such aspects of Austrian business as sustainability, marketing & sales, management, startups.

The main purpose of Magazine MN is to uncover sustainable and CSR practices at Austrian SMEs, present the most innovative Austrian companies and startups to the worldwide audience.

One of the main reasons why i decided to focus on Austria is that Austrian economy is one of the fastest growing world economies and its innovative businesses drive the country's growth and development. Austria is the country with a high standards of living, high level of legal certainty, political and social stability and a low crime rate.

The main motto of the Austrian companies is "Focus on quality" and highly-qualified people are regarded as sucess factor, that's why Austrian products are in high demand all over the world. Furthermore, Austrians invest decent amount of money on research & development, innovation and technology.

Austrian startups ecosystem is also one of the fastest growing. It includes a vast number of innovative startup companies that are aimed to revolutionize the world of technology and improve people's lives.

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Founder and author at Magazine MN
I am: 
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Community Manager, Management / Leadership, Marketing, Public Relations
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Research, Public relations, Social media, Marketing, Management, Business development

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