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Personal Information: 
Paris, France
Your Interests and Preferences: 
Personal headline: 
Tech Guy passionate about helping people and creating good customer experience
I am: 
Full time job seeker
Field of activity: 
Customer Support
Desired location(s): 
Work experience: 
Customer Service Agent
Providing customer service for clients of the german market
* Creating bookings,
* Cancelling bookings,
* Modifying bookings,
* Offering information about routes and connections
* Details about Confort, luggage,
* Arrivals and Delays informations,
* Generating sales (offering discounts for groups),
* Answering all types of queries
Customer Service Agent
* Customer support with english and german for customers owning Kalixa Cards,
* Reviewing applications,
* Reviewing documents sent for becoming a card owner
* Approving or cancelling subscribstions,
* Limiting or cancelling accounts,
* Upgrading accounts,
* Following and approving or declining transactions
* Operating refunds
* Blocking/unblocking cards, transactions, accounts
Senior Advisor
customers with German and English,
* Troubleshooting, escalating issues to appropiate department,
* Providing information about new products and services,
* Assisting customers in purchasing products and services,
* Answering questions and queries regarding Apple products and services, assuring fast and reliable service for Apple products.
* Woring towards multiple targets and KPI
Philosophy) Institution: Liceul Teoretic Onisifor Ghibu Sibiu, Sibiu Job domain / occupation: Institutions / Liberal professions
Customer Care Agent
Job Description:

* Customer service for Amazon online stores,
* Reviewing orders, reviewing accounts, cancelling accounts,
* Helping customers place orders and get the best offers and discounts,
* Setting up best delivery options, returns and refunds.
* Generating invoices and order summary
Customer Care Agent
Programmer and CEO
occupation: Marketing, Technology
* Developing online platforms, websites and apps for different clients
* Developing websites for the company . E.g.: Online shops, web directories, blogs, classifieds websites, social networks,
* Providing online advertising services,
* Online marketing services,
* SEO articles, link building.
* Improving websites content for SEO and better SERPS
Call Center Agent & Team Leader
Job description :
* Generating Sales via phone calls (cold calls)
* Training other agetns to geneerate sales
* Helping in expanding call centers across Romania
* Leading sales teams towards dayly, weekly and monthly targets
* Starting the very first sales of main online advertising services and products
* Working on finding sales and business partners
* Supervising the distribution of services and products with partnerships all across Romania and some external partners too
* Working on finding the CFO for the company and handing business and sales strategies to him
* Maintaining and developing the services and products after getting feedback, critics, adjustments, suggestions from end users and from many possible customers
IT Telecom, Sales, Administration, Programming Finance
Job domain / occupation: IT / Telecom Job Description:
* Developing and programming the website of the company,
* Managing teams of data entry and reporting to the management,
* Generating reports on work flow and targets reached,
* Supervising the accuracy of online job postings Teacher in German Language for Psychology, Economics, Logics, Phylosophy and Sociology (Full time) Period: September 2002 - July 2003 (10 months) Company and location: Liceul Teoretic Onisifor Ghibu, Sibiu Job domain / occupation: Institutions / Liberal professions
Universitatea Lucian Blaga Sibiu (2000 - 2002), Sibiu; University; Universitatea Babes Boliay Cluj Napoca; Spirit of Capitalism" High School / Vocational School Liceul Teoretic German Brukenthal (1992 - 1996), Sibiu
Master / Postuniversitary degree; Online Advertising", 
German, English
Skills : 
Sociology, PHP, MySQL programming, HTML, AJAX (basics), Webservers, Apache, cPanel, SEO, Online Advertising, Online Marketing, Social media

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