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Personal Information: 
Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Certified Agile product owner
User eXperience designer
Android consulting

I have a strong focus on product design and innovation.
I love to design simple and and efficient things (mobile app, websites, services, artifacts..) and find a way to make them real.

The best rewards is the feeling of accomplishment when an idea is finally released as a product. I can look at all the work done, all the very interesting interactions with people.

I have a very hands on, pragmatic approach to solving problems and I am always looking for new ways to improve things, learn new things, find practical solutions to challenging issues, or just tinker with new tools and technology to have some fun.

Your Interests and Preferences: 
Personal headline: 
Dream & make it happen.
I am: 
Seeking to be (co)-founder, Founder, Investor, Mentor/Advisor
Field of activity: 
Design / UX, Product Management, Research & Development
Desired location(s): 
Vienna, Luxembourg, London, Brussels, Copenhagen
Work experience: 
PM @ European Commission on a Drupal PaaS project for General Directorates.
I work in close collaboration with lot of european institutions like Connect (information society), Opoce (publication office), Mare (maritime affairs)...
Kilo is a touch interactive video mobile app. With Kilo, video is no longer passive. Re-imagine video.
Share emotion.

Why watch a passive video clip of your dog wagging her tail when Kilo can help you pet your dog?
Director of User Experience
I'm leading the User eXperience on various projects at different scale, regional, national and european.
from android companion app for European website to national online school management system.
In house for the European Commission in Brussel and Luxembourg, I drive several open source based collaborative web project for several DG's (Directorate general) like MARE (Maritime affairs), DIGIT (IT), REGIO (Regional policy), COMM (Communication), TAXUD (Taxation and customs)...
Web agency fondée avec 4 personnes.
Nous réalisons des sites web pour de nombreuses collectivités locale et communautés de commune.
Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1
Developmental learning algorithm
Learn and implement developmental artificial intelligence.
Stanford Universty through Novoed
Design thinking
Leticia Britos Cavagnaro, Deputy Director, National Center for Engineering Pathways to Innovation; Lecturer, Hasso Plattner Institute of Design (

Six-week experiential course focused on the skills and mindsets of design thinking, a methodology for human-centered creative problem-solving used by companies and organizations to drive a culture of innovation.
Stanford University / Venture lab
Advanced entrepreneurship
Clint Korver
Adjunct Professor, Stanford University, Partner at Ulu Ventures

Accelerate your startup through hands-on guidance from a board of peers and experts custom-built for your venture. Learn how the most successful startups seek guidance from the smartest people in their industry to avoid common startup traps. Immediately apply your learning to your new venture, working with your board to identify and achieve your important milestones.
Stanford University / Venture lab
technology entrepreneurship
Chuck Eesley,
Assistant Professor, Management Science & Engineering, Stanford University

This course introduces the fundamentals of technology entrepreneurship, pioneered in Silicon Valley and now spreading across the world. You will learn the process technology entrepreneurs use to start companies. It involves taking a technology idea and finding a high-potential commercial opportunity, gathering resources such as talent and capital, figuring out how to sell and market the idea, and managing rapid growth. To gain practical experience alongside the theory, students form teams and work on startup projects in those teams.
Stanford University partnership / Coursera
Human Computer Interaction
Scott Klemmer.
Associate professor, Computer science dpt, Stanford university.

This course analyzed techniques of design such as rapid
prototyping and evaluating interface alternatives, and how these
practices inform the design of technology. Specific topics included
mock-ups, field testing, principles of perception and controlled
online experiments.
Univ. of Pennsilvannia partnership Coursera
Kevin Werbach
Associate Professor, The Wharton School, Univ. of Pennsylvania

This course provides an introduction to gamification as a
business practice, describes relevant psychological and design
concepts, and explains how to apply game thinking effectively in a
variety of contexts.
Scrum alliance CSPO
Agile Methodology
User eXperience
Skills : 
Design, Lean Startup, Team building, Android, HTML5, JavaScript, JSON, SCRUM, UI / UX, Web Services
Intellectual property, Leadership, Social Entrepreneurship, AngularJS, C#, CSS3, Drupal, Git, Node.js

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