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Personal Information: 
Odessa, Odessa Oblast, Ukraine

Leader and co-founder of large-scale international IT-conference Black Sea Summit which is aimed to become the main meeting point for decision-makers and go-get entrepreneurs representing public sector, companies, corporations, funds, startups, angel investors, media, nonprofits from Europe, USA, Ukraine. Actively involved in tech ecosystem development in Odessa and Ukraine. 

Founder of SPREAD, consulting company aimed to assist UA startups and companies on the global markets.

Founder of educational project for IT-specialists GeeksLab. Organizer of the festival of innovation technologies (1000 - 2000 participants) - Odessa Innovation Week 2014 and 2015.

Member of the state working group E-Odessa. Acted as Regional Director of EGAP Odessa and the accelerator for E-Democracy projects by EGAP (E-Governance for Accountability and Participation) funded by Swiss Confederation to to strengthen good governance, modern public service delivery and social innovation in Ukraine, using new information communication technologies as enablers. 
Prior to that I have an experience working as Business Development Manager in large IT-corporation and explored and validated global startup markets. 
Named 30under30 Ukrainians by business media Kyiv Post (2016). 
Past-curator and active member of Global Shapers Odessa Hub
Tech Ambassador, Odessa City Council

Expertise: Startups, Innovations, Community Building, Event Management, Local Ecosystem Development, PR/Marketing.

Your Interests and Preferences: 
Personal headline: 
To the infinity and beyond
I am: 
Mentor/Advisor, Startup enthusiast
Field of activity: 
Business Development, Management / Leadership, Public Relations
Work experience: 
Public Lead
Startup Odessa, Odessa (Ukraine)

* Developing Business Skills in startups, developing acceleration program Experiment42.
* Coordinating and connecting community
* Pushing the initiative on the government level
* Working with investors.
* Promoting IT-entrepreneurship locally and on the national level.
Founder, CEO
* Assisting startups and companies with the access to global markets and strategy to find customers and expand the business
* Presentation of the company's brand in the international tech exhibitions and conferences
* Consulting and training in sales of IT-products and services in international markets
* Organizing international tech conferences. Spread is a project with the main aim to develop IT-industry by connecting right people in right places.
Regional Director
E-Governance for Accountability and Participation Program (Swiss Cooperation Fund), Odessa (Ukraine)

* Maintaining constant contact with regional partners of the Program.
* Monitoring and reporting on performance of the regional partners of the Program.
* Preparation of analytical materials on the status of the Program in the region.
* Organization of local events in the region: meetings, round-table discussions, seminars, conferences, etc.
* Organization of PR-actions and realization of PR-strategies.
* Representation of the Program and its achievements on the local events in the region.
* Maintaining contacts with the press and the mass media in the region, communication with journalists, bloggers and other professionals of the media market.
* Managing of a regional group on Facebook and publication of news on the Program's web site

The program "The Electronic Governance for Government Accountability and Community Participation (EGAP)" is being funded by the Swiss Confederation and implemented by the Eastern Europe Foundation (Ukraine) and InnovaBridge Foundation (Switzerland) during 2015-2019 period. The EGAP program is intended to apply modern information and communication technologies (ICT) that will help improve the governance quality, improve interaction between the government and citizens, and promote social innovations in Ukraine. Regional Coordinator should represent the EGAP program in one of the target regions, ensure coordination and monitoring of the regional partners' performance and appropriate reporting on the progress and results of the program on the regional events and in the media. *
Project Director
Build Stuff Ukraine, Kyiv (Ukraine)

BUILD STUFF is an international software development conference for people who actually build stuff. We bring world-class speakers, letting them share about the latest developments, trends and innovations, as well as new directions in software development. About 700 senior developers and CTOs gather in Kyiv to discuss the trends and future of software development.
* Project Management,
* Marketing strategy,
* Partnership Relations,
* Media/PR
Co-Founder, Project Director
* Leading and making from scratch the conference to distinguish Ukraine on the map of technological ecosystems.
* Developing the concept.
* Working with the program
* PR/Marketing
* Project Management
* Strategic Partnerships
* Promoting IT-entrepreneurship and making things happen.

Black Sea Summit is the international conference in technologies and innovations which will be held in Odessa and is all about effective networking and discovering new IT-opportunities in Ukraine. The main objective of the conference is to promote IT-entrepreneurship, to establish cooperation between international funds, accelerators, business incubators and local institutions, as well as to initiate a unified strategy for the development of IT industry in Ukraine.Website: http://www.blacksea-

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Curriculum vitae Anastasiia Sleptsova
Founder, Marketing Director

The project was created in order to unite IT-community in Ukraine, bring together startup founders, entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts, investors, media, and local community leaders from across the Ukraine and CIS.
* Project Management.
* Developing program part of social section, which includes social hackathons, e-government seminars for citizens and small business.
* Managing relationships with sponsors and clients.
* Overseeing social media PR strategies.

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Curriculum vitae Anastasiia Sleptsova

* Building relationships with the media.
* Overseeing content production (adverts, videos, social media and online PR stunts).
* Overseeing market research and succesful examples in international experience.

Business or sector Professional, scientific and technical activities
Business Development Manager

* Utilize creativity and out-of-the-box thinking to proactively develop new ideas.
* Forecast and track marketing and sales trends, analyzing collected data.
* Communicating with clients to understand and document the business objectives.
* Conducting in-depth data analyses using traditional and advanced methods.
* Investigating the greatest IT events and potentially interesting vertical market conferences.

Business or sector Information Technologies
Pre-Sales Manager, VP of Sales Assistant
* Customer pre-sales consultations.
* Offer preparation, follow up issued offers,
* Performed sales and advertising at forums.
* Actualizing customer database, CRM update.
* Lead generation.

Business or sector Information Technologies
Account Manager
* Services organization including Technical Support, Pre-Sales Support, Consulting and Training;
* Communication with customers, consulting and support;
* Providing inside sales support for outside sales,
* Directed customer relations, sales promotions, supplies ordering;
* Developed procedures and reports to capture statistical data.

Business or sector Information Technologies
` Appeals, Odessa (Ukraine)

* Conducted direct communication with citizens, registering problems in competence of City Council
* Provided registration of citizens` appeals according to the legislation in force.
* Organized computer data and reports in order for administrative staff to access information.
* Statistics and reports.

Business or sector Public administration and defence; compulsory social security
Geneva University, Geneva (Switzerland)
Leiden University, Leiden (Netherlands)
Online Course `The Changing Global Order` EQF level 2; Theories of International Relations, Conflict, Conflict Resolution and Security, Regional Organizations in Global Affairs, Reforming the United Nations Security Council: Strategies and Proposals
Leiden University, Leiden (Netherlands)
Online Course `The Law of the European Union; How
Department of Tourism, Odessa (Ukraine)
Tour Guiding Course
Odessa City Council, Odessa (Ukraine)
Specialization Course in Law and Human Rights in Ukraine EQF level 2; Basics of Law, Administrative law in Ukraine, Basics of human rights
Odessa I.I.Mechnikov National University, Odessa (Ukraine); Odessa National University
Master Degree in Ukrainian Language and General Linguistics EQF level 7; `; Internship in, 
Garibaldi Center of Italian culture, Odessa (Ukraine)
Italian Language; basics
Odessa National Mechnikov University, Department of Slavic Linguistics, Odessa (Ukraine); Kherson, Ukraine; Odessa
Bachelor in Philology EQF level 6; National Conference in Linguistics; Internship, 
Skills : 
bloggers, ContinuumUA, North Office, MSOffice, MS Project, Word, Excel, experienced Internet user, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator user, Open-minded, Ability to, Organisational / managerial skills, management skills, time-management

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