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8th-10th July – Vienna, Austria
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Garage48 event series started in Estonia in April 2010 by 6 startup entrepreneurs. As of today, these co-founders themselves have since contributed to the ICT sector with vision and real establishments. They have created big international IT companies and are still working on new ventures to keep on giving. You can also meet them at conferences around the world, inspiring and encouraging people to step out of their comfort zone and convincing them to choose IT as their career path.  

The idea for Garage48 came when the then-young IT professionals wanted to attend hackathons that would focus more on doing, rather than just talking and mapping ideas. Since then the motto of Garage48 "less talk, more action" has really walked the talk itself, because after 5 years the hackathon series is stronger than ever. During the 48-hour long intense boot-camp events more than 1000 working prototypes have been created and over 60 hackathons on 4 continents have been organised. 

All Garage48 events are held in English and have approximately 100 international participants at each event. Participants have different skill-sets, ranging from software development and engineering to design, marketing, sales and entrepreneurship. Often people travel by bus, car or plane just to work then for 48 hours with no sleep (but with good food and drinks) to make crazy ideas come to life. It is an inspirational event for people who work hard on their dreams and never give up. We often hear that the event has changed their life and given them can-do energy for weeks to come.

Garage48 is not a startup factory, but a development week-end. We bring people together to form teams and work on ideas in teams from 4 up to 9 people. Many success stories have been born -, Qminder, Sorry As A Service, SplitMetrics, GoWorkABit, Tippy, Heelosophy, Timbeter and many other. The latest success story came from Garage48 Minsk 2015 hackathon in November, when the winenr MSQRD was bought by Facebook for over 100 million!

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Startup Services
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Saturday, 3 April, 2010
Startup stage: 
Idea stage (got an idea)
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Community Manager
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Garage48 Hackathons
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Startup services

There are numerous Garage48 hackathons happening throughout the year in Estonia, Eastern-Europe, Afria and Asian countries. Mostly the hackathons focus on kick-starting software developments, but more and more we organise hackathons to boost hardware innovations and creative product design, as well.

Indeed, our hardware hackathons in Estonia, Georgia and Latvia are becoming increasingly popular with record-breaking attendees and mind-blowing prototypes being developed. In spring 2016 we are organising the first Garage48 IoT & Machine Learning hackathon in Ukraine in collaboration with Microsoft. So stay tuned for more amazing events near you!

We encourage to check out our Garage48 Events calendar on our website, where you can find upcoming hackathons and events organised by our legendary team. We'd love to hear from you too, as we always welcome skilled participants, sponsors with an innovative attitude, rockstar mentors and collaborators. We are happy to hear from you at [email protected]

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