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Paasheuvelweg 25, Wing 5D
1105 BP Amsterdam
General information: 

Many health inventors have great life changing ideas but many can't bring these to market. At NLC we believe that when we combine our business strength with the healthtech inventors, we can bring healthcare to a next level. It is our drive and ambition to help these inventors to accelerate their concepts into viable business in months time. Together we bring valuable innovative products within reach for those who need them and improve healthcare for all. 

We provide the necessary resources and tools to support the inventor during this journey. We act as co-founder. NLC itself is an innovator within the healthcare sector. We are a people network company with knowledge providers, entrepreneurial managers and fund providers.

Company information: 
Company type: 
Healthcare / Medical Services


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Paasheuvelweg 25, Wing 5D
1105 BP Amsterdam
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