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8th-10th July – Vienna, Austria
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Are you an innovative startup in HealthClimate or Education? Here you build your innovative idea into a growing business with feedback from a community of peers, experts and new talent. You will receive the fitting support, facilities and funding to become a successful company with impact on the world!

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Startup Services
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UtrechtInc Program
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Startup services

UtrechtInc offers starting entrepreneurs and scientists the facilities to shape their ideas or startup into a growing business. In an acceleration program of approximately 2 years, the startup will pass 2 stages. You can leave the program at every moment, one month notice. Apply now so we can meet for coffee.

Science Venture

Science Venture is a startup program forscientists who take the first steps to bring ideas, discoveries or research to market. In 6 months they learn about the feasibility of their idea.

Pressure Cooker

The Pressure Cooker is a 4 month program for entrepreneurs (teams) who have designed their business model and made their first prototype. At the end they are ready for investments!


Growth fase with customized support for entrepreneurs who have successfully completed the Pressure Cooker or Science Venture.


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